Magaged by DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi
   An English Medium Co-Educational Sr. Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE


Class At the time of New Admission 1st installment At the Renewal of Admission 1st Installment (1 April to 20 April)
April to June.
2nd Installment
(1 July to 20 July)
July to Sept.
3rd Installment
(1 Oct to 20 Oct)
Oct. to Dec.
4th Installment
(1 Jan to 20 Jan)
Jan to March.
Class Yearly Fee Term Fee* Yearly Fee Term Fee* Term Fee* Term Fee* Term Fee*
LKG & UKG 8200 3750 4200 3750 3750 3750 3750
I to IV 8500 4050 4500 4050 4050 4050 4050
V to VIII 9100 4200 5100 4200 4200 4200 4200
IX to X
9100 4950 5100 4950 4950 4950 4950
10100 5250 6100 5250 5250 5250 5250
10100 6000 6100 6000 6000 6000 6000

Note: The above fee structure is subject to the approval of DAVCMC (Conditions Apply)

BANK BUSINESS HOURS:Weekdays 10.30 am. to 1.30 pm. Saturday 10.30 am. to 11.30 am.

Other Charges
Brochure Fee (Old/New Students) Rs. 100/-
Brochure Fee (Old Class XI Students) Rs. 100/-
Registration Fee(New Students) Rs. 200/-
T.C./ Duplicate Certificate Charges Rs. 100/-
School Publication Rs. 250/-
(to be deposited with II term Fee)
Cycle Stand Fee Rs. 50/-(Monthly, Except June)

Excursion Fee for local visits Rs. 100/-

CBSE Registration/ Exam./DAV Education Board Fee for classes VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, would be payable by students separately to their respective class teachers.

Note:*Motorised vechicles(Motorcycle or Scooter) are not allowed, only cycles are allowed in the school campus.
         (w.e.f. April 2014)


Fee Regulations

1. If Fees is not paid by quarter end, the name will be struck off from the school register with out any prior notice. Readmission may be considered only at the payment of admission fee i.e. Rs. 1100/- with late Fee fine for the whole period of non payment of Fee.
2. School Fee includes Tution Fee LKG-VIII Rs. 1050/- per month & IX-XII Rs. 1150/- per month payable quarterly. 3. Fee can be deposited by Cheque / Cash /DD. Cheques from outside the municipal area of Jaipur will not be accepted.
4. Loss of the booklet should be reported to school authorised and a duplicate booklet can be obtained on payment of Rs. 15.
5. Parents who require T.C. of their ward should apply before 30 MArch. If Application for T.C. is received on 1 April or after wards the total dues for the month of April will be charged.
6. For New Entrants, Caution Money Rs. 1000.00 (Refundable) is included in the first installment. This should be collected within two months of leaving school.
7. CBSE Registration/Exam/DAV Education Board Fee for classes VIII, IX, X, XI, XII would be payable by students separately to their respective class teachers.
8. Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.
9. Parents must keep this booklet and produce it when ever needed by the school.

10. All dues must be settled before the student appears in any exam. Defaulters are liable to be refused permission to appear in the exams.