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Some of the important advantage of excursions is as under:

(i) They provide direct source of knowledge and acquaint the student with first hand information.

(ii) They provide an opportunity to the student for develop­ment of his aesthetic sense.

(iii) By such excursion students become interested in the explo­ration of their environment.

(iv) They help to develop in students a love for nature and to acquaint them with the real happiness in the outside world.

(v) It helps in development of power of observations, explora­tion, judgment and drawing inferences, problem solving ability of students.

(vi) It helps in developing qualities of resourcefulness, self- confidence, initiative and leadership amongst students.

(vii) It helps in developing cooperative attitude and various others

(viii) It helps in proper utilisation of leisure.

(ix) It motivates the students for self-study and self-activity.

(x) It helps in the development of creative faculties of the students.